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          "It is our constant objective to serve you the finest pancakes available anywhere and give you pleasant, courteous and unobtrusive service. Thank you for coming to The Original Pancake House. We hope you will come back often.

The Original Pancake House franchises are now in operation coast to coast."

Daryle Taylor

Owner, The Original Pancake House Eugene

Our History

                The Original Pancake House franchise was founded in 1953 by Les Highet and Erma Hueneke. Drawing upon their many years of experience in the culinary field and their comprehensive knowledge of authentic pancake recipes, they were able to offer a unique and original menu which has gained national acclaim and remains unchanged to this day.
The Original Pancake House has been a part of the Eugene community since 1965. As the third established location of a restaurant chain boasting more the 100 stores nationwide, we have gained a reputation as one of the longest serving restaurants in Eugene. With our authentic menu and locally sourced ingredients, we have become a favorite spot for many breakfast lovers!
Original Pancake House
Owners Famly

A Family Affair

               Our owner, Daryle Taylor, started working at The Original Pancake House over 47 years ago. With his 37 years of experience in the restaurant industry, Daryle proudly became the owner of the Eugene location over 10 years ago.

His love and dedication to the restaurant has paved the way for his children to follow. Today, His twin brother, daughter and two sons all work alongside him, preparing and serving all of the fresh local ingredients that go into each and every one of The Original Pancake House’s famous dishes.
Daryle’s values are built upon the belief that customers are the most important part of a restaurant, making his location a favorite spot among many famlies for over a decade and couting. The Original Pancake House has been proudly serving multiple generations of loyal customers since their youth, many of which now bring in their children and grandchildren to enjoy the same wonderful food that they have always loved.
If you love a locally grown, old fashioned family breakfast experience, The Original Pancake House has just what you need!

Proud Supporter of University of Oregon

             We have one of Eugene’s best displays of University of Oregon sports memorabilia in town and we are proud to serve The University of Oregon and Eugene community alike. We are located on the north side of campus at 782 E. Broadway Avenue. With our 50 years of experience, We are proud to be one of the most popular places for breakfast in Eugene, and hope to continue serving you for another 50 years.
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